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National Surveyor Week

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VIKA MD celebrated National Surveyor’s Week last week. As a profession first officially recognized under the Romans (300AD), Land Surveying has evolved into a sophisticated and highly technical craft. Emerging technologies such as 3D laser scanning, GPS (Global Positioning System), and digital aerial photography (drones) are being employed within multiple firms across the county. However, playing table games or video poker increases the rollover requirement from 30 to Additionally, whenever Planet 7 Casino allows table games, there are still some games that are off-limits.

Each day last week, we posted a synopsis of a specific focus of our survey department and celebrated the courageous work of our field crews that have been on construction sites through the pandemic. We have collected these below and are happy to follow up with you individually to see how we can help with your surveying needs.

3D Scanning / Modeling

VIKA MD offers 3D laser scanning that establishes the framework for detailed analysis and modelling. Based on LiDar technology, 3D Laser Scanning is a non-intrusive means of rapidly collecting detailed and accurate as-built data.

This detailed information reduces risk when collecting data in hazardous or vulnerable situations, streamlines schedules, reduces cost, and provides information that can be better coordinated between disciplines.

Drones / Point clouds

VIKA MD invests in the latest technologies and training to maximize efficiency and save client time and resources. Drone technology captures a repository of digital information and aerial perspectives that provides numerous solutions for the specific situation at hand.  This data can be extracted as necessary without increasing costs or introducing project complications when a straightforward solution meets your needs.

We have 3 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certified Remote Pilots that operate under the FAA’s Small UAS Rule (Part 107). VIKA MD has been approved for several dozen Washington, D. NetEnt casino minimum deposit 10 is one of the pioneers of this field of providing software to the online casinos. C. Metropolitan Flight Restricted Zone (DC FRZ) areas over the last couple years and continues to grow our experience operating drones in the most restricted air space in the United States of America.

Construction Stakeout Services / Monitoring Services

Almost every building, roadway, walkway, and utility designed or engineered has been computed in some type of automated drawing program and staked on some type of construction site. These construction stakeout surveys are usually performed by Professional Licensed Surveyors with surveying equipment and materials such as wooden stakes and nails to identify the location of a designed improvement. A bonus can be of big help or can mean your downfall if the bonus terms are complicated and unfair. VIKA MD takes the time review architectural, structural, and site plans to ensure all design information is coordinated and meets the contractor/client requirements.

In addition to stakeout services, VIKA Maryland offers construction monitoring technology that detects deformations in critical elements on a site or building.   Our tools can alert you to distortions to and changes in the shape and dimensions of structural elements from damage or stress. The deformation technology measures movement in a structure both vertically and horizontally over timed intervals. With amazing precision, deformation monitoring results are directly relevant to the safety of human life, environment protection, and project construction.

Subsurface Utility Engineering Services

Subsurface Utility Engineering technology identifies costly utility relocations at the beginning of the design process. Identifying these conflicts early on saves money and time during the construction phase of the project. This technology will effectively reduce risks and avoid delays for unanticipated conflicts. SUE provides an in-depth analysis by compiling information regarding the existing conditions. Pair Plus Your Pair Plus bet is based on whether you have a pair or better in your hand, regardless of whether you beat the dealer, or he beats you in the Ante game. Overall, SUE increases efficiency of site coordination at the beginning stages of every project. If you are after true one-armed bandits, then go offshore literally or figuratively.

VIKA MD Surveying Team

VIKA MD would like to honor our Frontline Field Survey Team. We are grateful for everything that you have done for us during the COVID pandemic.

“Teamwork makes the dreamwork” truly summarizes VIKA’s beliefs. VIKA MD’s Surveying Team depends on each other and is committed to working towards a common goal. And we are integrated into our engineering, planning, and landscape architecture teams to provide seamless collaboration from initial surveying to stakeout.