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Our firm invests in the latest technologies and the expertise help us discern when that technology is the best use of client time and resources. From conventional surveying and stakeout equipment to cutting-edge scanning and drone technology that captures a repository of aerial perspectives, we advise on the best solutions for the situation at hand—without increasing costs or introducing project complications when a straightforward solution meets your needs.

Merriweather Post Pavilion

Merriweather Post Pavilion is an outdoor concert venue within Symphony Woods, a 40-acre lot preserved land in the heart of Columbia, Maryland.

VIKA Maryland provided scanning, modeling and point cloud services. The structural features of the main stage area such as the steel support beam both horizontal and vertical, stairs, ladders, cross braces, ceiling trusses and cat walks. These features were modeled at a LOD 200 – LOA 30.

VIKA Services

The field scanning, point cloud and survey revit model captured data that on the exterior building that included:

  • Six main steel columns with concrete base supporting the roof
  • 20 + steel trusses above the central/main seating area
  • Cross braces between the 20 + trusses
  • Main steel girder beam above the main stage
  • Wood frame façade panel around the perimeter of the roof above the main seating area
  • Concrete stadium style seating stairs in the central/main seating area
  • Light canisters
  • Square led light panels
  • Roof drain PVC piping system near the main stage
  • Main stage
  • Main stage ceiling
  • Truss splice plates
  • The concrete walls that separate the low seating areas from the central seating area

Project Challenge

Renovation to two seating areas added years later to original structure were on different seating planes — roof needs to be raised 20 feet to place all seating areas on same plane.

Project Solution

Scanned seating areas and captured precise measurements of structural elements, support beams, and utilities.